64 pages printed on bookstock paper.

As always, the issue is jam packed with infos, articles, gfx and art. Densely packed! Lots of exciting features, here are some of the topics:


  • Photos by Victoria (x-pennylane)
  • C-64 Tyme Line
  • "Negative Emotional Resistance" newsletter from noise band death squad.
  • Two page report on USA Concentration camps from WWII being reopened and cleaned up, just for us! Includes state by state listings of where these abandoned prison camps are.
  • A list of all current earthlink & sprint access #s.
  • Exclusive interview with DJ T-1000 from Detroit.
  • Exclusive interview with DJ DRC from SF.
  • Hanna's Macaroni & Cheese reviews part II 
  • Latest infos about DEFCON, the worlds biggest & best hacker convention being held in Las Vegas this July.
  • HOW TO: Convert fisher price baby monitor into a repeater.
  • Art by Jasper, Belinda,
  • mega Exclusive: Full on interview with Ruth Killick ov MANDRAKE PRESS in Oxford England by radiovalve's Doghead Cola aka DJE23. Both are into Magick and brain change systems, thus some very interesting & candid discussions.
  • HOW TO: deal with your VCR for Y2K.
  • Awesome comix by Billy Mavreas from Canada
  • Musik reviews (techno, ambient, pop, dance, d&b, punk)
  • URBAN MYTH: Body organ alert
  • Article in memory of Nicholas Saunders an underground artist & squatter in London.
  • Exclusive interview with Bert of DWELLING PORTABLY zine.
  • underground Book reviews & recommended books.
  • Poetry by Jay Dillon
  • Hacker websites reviewed and listed.
  • Feature on Charles Uzzell Edwards
  • FREE KEVIN infos
  • Report on the Dutch Gabber scene
  • HOW TO: Silk screen your own t-shirts.
  • Scanner phun & stupid scanner trix & modz
  • Anarchist news from around the world.
  • 6 pages of global underground contacts.
  • Personal reviews of Adult theatres and what happens in them from all over the usa.

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