CD: Obliq Recordings Compilation


Obliq Recordings Compilation

"Experimental ambient electro." Compilation of Obliq Recordings artists with guests from and Application Specific Records. The CDs were individually numbered with hand silk screened, glow in the dark covers.

Format: CD (1000 pressed)

Multicast: Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms| mRouter | Torque | Trans Lucent

Freq Modif: Freq Modif 3 (Dagobah) | Freq Modif 4

Ted Sturgeon: They're Coming to Take Me Away | Tropic of Cancer

Finder*: 8.31.7 | Today | Hidden Track *courtesy Application Specific Records

devslashnull*: Once Upon A Blip #2 * original by Aquatic Ape; courtesy of

  • Model: [obliq00]

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